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Applications open for March 2023.

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Master the key concepts of decentralized applications and smart contracts in our 6-week virtual bootcamp.

Meet yourmentor

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Master’s degree in Mathematical & Computing Science student

Near Foundation Software Engineer

Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) Education Lead

Course Outline

This 6-week bootcamp requires 10 - 15 hours weekly commitment.

A typical timetable consists of your suggested self-study learning period & material, and 1 instructor-led live coding sessions per week and might look something like this:


Intro session

1. Introduction to NEAR protocol
2. Contract runtime
3. Account model
4. Access keys
5. Transaction actions and receipts
6. Wallet


1. Serialization + deserialization
2. Traits
3. Macros
4. Memory models
5. Secure patterns
6. Internal vs. external representations

NEAR Contract Development I

1. Basic serialization
2. Security concepts
3. The `#[near_bindgen]` macro

NEAR Contract Development II

1. NEPs and contract standards
2. Libraries
3. Onboarding solutions

Building a Dapp on NEAR

    a. WalletConnect / Wallet selector


It’s free to apply and you will have the option to join our talent pool and be discovered by the tech recruiters!


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Application will be reviewed. Accepted students will hear back within 2 weeks.


Pay to secure your spot. We limit cohort size (10 - 20 students) to build strong connections.

Next Cohort

March - May 2023

Tuition Fee

USD1,290 (Scholarship up to 90%, applied to ALL accepted students)

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