Web2.5 Ideathon
25 May - 22 June 2023
01  hello world.
02  welcome to the future
03  join us to experiment with the most avant-garde technology
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Connect web3 technology with web2 real-world utility

Supporters and Speakers from:

This year 2023

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Who is it for?

University Students
This Ideathon will be a valuable learning experience that helps you discover your passions; and enhances your resume with tangible achievements and practical skills. You will also be exposed to networking opportunities and potential career paths.

Strategy Consultants
Develop knowledge and experience in this rapidly growing and disruptive technology. Opening up new opportunities for your consulting career by showcasing your valuable skillset through this Ideathon!

Founders and More!
Gain exposure and recognition for your innovative, yet realistic ideas through this Ideathon. It is the best opportunity for you to be discovered by potential investors and partners that could work wit you to turn your ideas into viable businesses.

The best thing about this Ideathon is that coding is not compulsory! Focus on the idea.

What to do?

Select a track
Select the track that you are the most confident or passionate about. This is because you are going to put in a month's worth of research & brainstorm on this unique topic that you selected. We have a separate technical track for programmers.

Study Objective
Study the Track Master’s industry, their corporate history, and their past attempts in web3, and form your understanding of how they could use web3 as a tool to boost their business.

Submit Business Proposal
Your proposal will be reviewed by the Track Master, Web3 representatives, as well as the public via social media voting. May the best man win!

What we are looking for is a strategy with product market fit.

What to get?

Cash Prize
Yes, like any other competition, we offer cash prizes. But we hope that you could see the valuable resources that you could obtain via this Ideathon beyond this. The total prize pool is SGD 6,000.

Industry Exposure
As usual, we are working with established partners to organize workshops for the Ideathon’s contestants to gain valuable industry insights. Also, there are networking events in our hacker house at the IRL NFT Festival, geNFesT. Of course, if you are one of the pitching finalists, you are getting attention from investors, HRs, potential partners and more!

Career Opportunity
No matter which industry background you are from, we believe that we are going to move forward into web3 together. Use this event as the opportunity for you to brush up on your skills and get yourself prepped when the opportunity knocks on your door!

We trust this will be a fruitful journey for all contestants.

Calling for you!

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Empowering Real Web2 Businesses

Workshops to get you prepared!

IRL NFT Festival!‍

In conjunction with the Ideathon, contestants are welcome to join the in real life NFT festival.

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