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Web2.5 Ideathon

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This year 2023
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Big Ideas in 2023
Is an Increased Focus on Layer-2 Scaling and ZK Technology Justified?
What are the consequences of crypto’s ongoing regulatory process?

Programming Bootcamp

a 6 weeks Instructor-led Bootcamp to go from zero to one.



Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to disrupt many industries and transform the way we interact with digital content, finance, and other online services.

Gain a valuable skill set that is in high demand and has the potential to lead to lucrative job opportunities.

Technical upskilling

Developing dApps and smart contracts requires a solid understanding of cryptography, distributed systems, and consensus algorithms, which can be challenging but also rewarding to master.

Social impact

Create a more open, transparent, and equitable society by enabling new forms of decentralized governance, finance, and social impact initiatives.

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